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Our Advanced Technical Workshops are designed for participants looking to go further in improving productivity and build the capacity to manage their own efficiency and productivity challenges. These workshops can assist organizations with their continuous improvement implementation efforts by empowering employees, generating ideas for needed change, and producing solutions to complex problems.

Our lean training sessions and workshops are customized individually to fit your business or organization’s needs. We work with your team to develop their Lean skills and most importantly how to maintain a continuous improvement environment. 

Lean Workshop

Determine the Voice of the Customer (VOC)

To be competitive, businesses must deliver what customers want. This is a simple but often ignored axiom – we often assume we know what they want.

Basic Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Basic Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control deals with giving people tools to measure the Voice of the Customer and the Business with a major focus to measure the Voice of the Process.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Design of Experiments (DOE)

All levels of an organization can benefit from Design of Experiments Training. DOE is the last week of the Black Belt Training or can be taught as a stand-alone class.

Failure Modes & Effective Analysis (FMEA)

Failure Modes & Effective Analysis (FMEA)

The Failure Modes & Effects Analysis training is focused on new implementations or change of existing designs and processes.

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Applied Statistics Workshop Advanced

Applied Statistics looks at data and the underlying principles in more depth and introduces more advanced tools than our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course material.

Measurement System Analysis

Measurement System Analysis

MSA training is used to determine if a measurement system can generate accurate data, and if the accuracy is adequate to achieve your objectives ...

Lean Logistics & Supply Chain Workshop

Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS)

Over the last decade, Six Sigma and Lean have been integrated and have generated tremendous success world-wide.

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Introduction to Statistical Tools Used for Data Mining

This workshop takes a very hands-on approach to learning. Participants will learn how to apply the methods via a combination of lecture and working examples using software.

5S Visual Workplace Workshop

Control Charting Workshop

With a process control focus, participants will learn how to implement and monitor quality measures. This one-day course will focus on process control and capability.

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