Introduction to Statistical Tools Used for Data Mining

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No pre-requisite is required to take this course.

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Program Overview

This workshop takes a very hands-on approach to learning. Participants will learn how to apply the methods via a combination of lecture and working examples using software.

While data management is an important subject, this course will focus on the statistical models used in data mining. 

Who Should Attend:

All managers, scientists, engineers, and Six Sigma practitioners who wish to understand how to explore and exploit information contained in their data sets of any size will be interested in this course. Those who are interested in answers to the following questions should attend: What are the most useful methods for mining data? What kind of software do I need and how do I run that software? How do I setup, control, and interpret the models? What are proven techniques for ensuring model validity and credibility? How do I compare methods? Very little prior knowledge of statistics is needed for this course. 

Course Customizations and Durations

VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule. 

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