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Lean Six Sigma Champions' Program

The three-day Executive Champions Program presents a strategy for establishing a Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement culture within any type of organization. It will give the attendee a framework for implementing change and generating return on investment (ROI) from Lean Six Sigma activities. This class will provide leaders and managers the skills necessary to effectively deploy Lean Six Sigma to achieve better, faster, lower cost and safer processes. An overview of the tools used on Lean Six Sigma will be provided as well as the skills needed to staff, implement, and sustain Lean Six Sigma. 

Who Should Attend:

Lean Six Sigma Champions are employees who hold roles as Strategic Business Leaders, Managers of Resources and Agents of Change. These leaders and managers will provide infrastructural support, inspire an internal shared vision and take on the role of mentor for all Lean Six Sigma trained employees. It is necessary for Champions to possess a high level knowledge of Lean Six Sigma as they will be identifying projects and determining Green and Black Belt Candidates. 

Champion Training Course Customizations and Durations

VRI offers fully customizable Champion Training to fit any industry or schedule. 

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Day 1: Executive Overview – Laying the Foundation

Day 2 & 3: Executive Champions - Skills sets for Successful Champions