The high-impact design blends rigorous curriculum with social and experiential learning that challenges you to reach your full potential. See what our program participants, our LEADers, are saying about the Stanford LEAD difference! 

Hear from Past Participants

Stanford LEAD: A Transformational Journey

Hear program participants discuss the impact of the LEAD journey and how it has fundamentally changed how they think about and approach their work. 

Andrew, LEADer

Hear program participant Andrew discuss how LEAD played a role in his ability to successfully start the next chapter in his career. 

Jolone, LEADer

Hear program participant Jolone discuss how LEAD rounded out her business skill set and took her career to the next level. 

Gabrielle, LEADer

Hear program participant Gabrielle discuss how she leveraged the global LEAD network to broaden her perspectives and successfully launch new initiatives at Tory Burch Foundation.

How Participants Rank Stanford LEAD

Source: Data drawn from survey responses of 254 former participants, with program dates between August 2020 and March 2021.

Why I Recommend Stanford LEAD

How I’ve Applied What I Learned

LEADer Perspectives

Explore the LEAD program experience and highlights through short articles from past participants. 


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