Participant Profile

Participants in the Stanford LEAD program are a highly motivated, enterprising network of professionals, from all across the globe, who desire a Stanford business education to reach their personal and professional goals. 

Learning Goals

While there are many diverse objectives for joining LEAD, the common threads for participating in our program are:

  • To acquire business frameworks and techniques to accelerate change and transformation in their organizations.
  • To gain new tools and perspectives and fill gaps in knowledge to accelerate personal, team and organizational performance.
  • To master business and leadership fundamentals for leaders in fields not traditionally rooted in business or corporate cultures.
  • A thirst for professional development to prepare for a new role, career transition, or journey.
  • The opportunity to engage with other professionals who are experiencing similar business challenges in different contexts, to share diverse approaches and solutions for working through them.

Is LEAD right for you? Reach out directly or complete a self-assessmentopen in new window to learn more about whether the program fits with your learning goals.

Eligibility Considerations

Participants in the LEAD program are hand-selected based on proven aptitude, years of experience, a desire to thrive through collaboration and shared experiences, and a desire to become more impactful leaders who inspire transformation within their organizations.

  • Our admissions process is selective — our commitment is to build an enterprising and innovative cohort with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and experiences — to maximize engaging dialogue and enrich your educational experience.
  • Cohort size is limited, in order to guarantee high-touch guidance, engagement, and support with faculty and peers.
  • GMAT/GRE is not required.
  • You must be proficient at speaking and writing in English.

Applications are reviewed as we receive them, and admission is offered on a rolling basis until all seats are filled so it is in your best interest to apply early.

Meet Your Peers

Stanford LEAD participants are highly educated leaders with a desire to elevate professional presence and impact. 


Marineh Lalikian

Director, Stanford LEAD Online Business Program
Executive Education

+1 (650) 736-7901