Lean Six Sigma Certification Process

We offer certification in our Lean Six Sigma training program should a participant wish to go the extra mile beyond training.

You can select our certification program to become a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

We make sure that you gain the right skills, and you can gain knowledge from our program to transform your business process.

Our expert instructors have over a decade of experience educating and training people about the concept of Lean Six Sigma. We do not only focus on teaching you the theory; instead, we focus on teaching you the practical application of the knowledge and principles of Lean and Six Sigma.

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These Are The Three Steps to Lean Six Sigma Certification From Us:

Completing The Required Course Training

The first step in getting certified as a Lean Six Sigma Expert is completing the required course training where you will learn about how Lean and Six Sigma delivers value, as well as access to the powerful Lean Six Sigma tools for achieving success. This portion of our program focuses on both learning what it takes (the knowledge) and also helps students become more confident with their newfound skills by taking away any intimidation they may have had before starting this new journey into continuous improvement.

Passing A Comprehensive Exam

The second step for your certification is passing a comprehensive exam to demonstrate your knowledge of the tools and methods of Lean and Six Sigma. The examination is usually taken beforre submitting your Lean Six Sigma project.

Completing Lean Six Sigma Projects

The third and final step of Lean Six Sigma certification is completing the Lean Six Sigma project(s) to demonstrate the effective use of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Once you complete this step, then you are eligible to apply for Lean Six Sigma certification. Your certification is issued by VRI™.