Kaizen Event Workshop

Course Pre-requisite:

No pre-requisite is required to take this course.

Customized to your organization’s needs

Online Bootcamp, Live-Instructor Led

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Program Overview

Kaizen originates from the Japanese words “kai”, change and “zen” better. This workshop is a 2-3 day intensive team activity to identify and carry out significant workplace improvement. Participants are typically a cross functional team that is empowered to make, in a week or so, changes that would otherwise take months or longer to make. This lite workshop includes pre-work with the stakeholders prior to the actual Kaizen Event itself. The pre-work includes understanding organizational objectives and goals, establishing the voice of the customer and voice of the business, data gathering, team selection and planning for the Kaizen Event. Post Kaizen-work includes finalization of the action plans and establishing a monitoring plan. 

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of personnel in a wide range of industries, functional areas, and levels, such as 

Note: The complexity of the project for a Kaizen Event will dictate the length of the Event. i.e. Lite (2 -3 Days) or Full (5 Days)

Course Customizations and Durations

VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule. 

Kaizen Event Workshop


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