Lean Logistics & Supply Chain Workshop

Course Pre-requisite:

No pre-requisite is required to take this course.

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Online Bootcamp, Live-Instructor Led

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Program Overview

This one-day workshop is for people responsible for improving the flexibility, agility and efficiency of their supply chain to meet customer requirements. You will learn the key contributing factors that block the flow of actual demand information and product through the supply chain and the benefits of a Lean supply chain through a simulated environment. This will be followed by a discussion regarding the key drivers to achieve a Lean Supply Chain. 

Who Should Attend:

Organizations at any stage of a lean journey. Organizations that are part of a multi-tiered supply chain. All levels of management from Vice President to supervisor, change agents, and professional staff.

Course Customizations and Durations

VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule.

Lean Logistics & Supply Chain Workshop

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