Manufacturing Lean Project Management Workshop

Course Pre-requisite:

No pre-requisite is required to take this course.

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Online Bootcamp, Live-Instructor Led

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Program Overview

You learn the Toyota way to manage all kinds of projects in a Lean way for improving the quality of product and production system, reducing project and production costs, reducing Time-To-Market and Project Lead Time. Another effect is to improve productivity as well as motivation of innovation and development resources. Moreover, you learn how to reduce the administrative work of traditional project management by using the Lean Six Sigma principles and tools. 

Who Should Attend:

Managers, and especially Project Managers, who are involved in all types of new projects such as: Product Development, Plant Development, Software Development, Construction, Event, Maintenance Overhaul, Business Processes and Service Development. 

Course Customizations and Durations

VRI offers fully customizable Workshops to fit any industry or schedule. 

Manufacturing Lean Project Management Workshop

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