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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification is the first among the Sigma Certifications. You can learn how to apply the methodology and tools in real-world business scenarios and project management, and be a certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in less than three months.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course Overview

This class provides participants a working knowledge of statistical tools for monitoring and improving processes, reducing variation, and gaining process knowledge in an efficient manner. 

Strong emphasis is placed on using facts and data for sound decision-making. Participants learn how to take data and transform it into vital information.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training course is taught with a simplistic approach and makes use of many in-class examples and exercises. 

Participants have ample opportunity to practice what is taught and leave with practical knowledge of basic statistical tools and the confidence necessary to use these tools immediately for effective process control and improvement.

Prerequisites and Requirements

No pre-requisite is required to take this course.

Training Course Options for Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt Training Course offers two different tracks: the Six Sigma Track and the Lean Six Sigma Track.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (SSYB) Track: for those who have already taken a separate course on Lean and only want to focus on Six Sigma tools and methodology.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (LSSYB) Track: for those who want to learn both Lean and Six Sigma tools and methodology.

Both tracks offer the same level of training and certification, but the Lean Six Sigma Track provides a more well-rounded education in both Lean and Six Sigma.

Both the Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Tracks require participants to pass the certification exam, once they passed, they will receive their corresponding Yellow Belt Certification.

Key Features

VRI has taught its Yellow Belt Training Course to Fortune 500 and other companies, big and small. Our proven instruction method and curriculum have been used by thousands of our students to successfully facilitate process improvement and problem-solving projects worldwide.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course is a 4-day hands on workshop that provides participants a working knowledge of statistical tools for monitoring and improving processes.

Here’s What You Get . . .

Lessons. Lessons that are easy to understand so you can learn and immediately apply essential problem-solving tools and methods.

Live Virtual Classes. 100% delivered in a virtual classroom with a live instructor to help you step by step and answer your questions.

Mentoring. Mentoring with a Master Black Belt to hold your hand during the duration of the Course as you work through your project.

Forms & Templates. No need to re-invent forms and templates for your use. Get all the tools and templates used in the Course.

Participant Guides. Participant Guides are available online, which can also be downloaded.

Student Activities. Learn by doing! Fun activities that effectively teach the concepts & application of tools as you learn them.

Real-World Applications. Real-world examples and case studies of how the tools and methods are applied.

Learning Objectives

The objectives for Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training are to enable participants to:

  • Understand the Six Sigma Tools.
  • Define an Organization’s “Performance Problem.”
  • Develop a plan to address their problem using Six Sigma tools and techniques.
  • Measure the performance of their chosen solution.
  • Control the implementation of their solution.
  • Evaluate the results and impact of their solution.

Learning Outcomes

Learn how to transform any process to make it Better, Faster, Safer, and Lower Cost, which ultimately drives business performance and profitability.

You Will Learn How To Transform . . .

Problems to opportunities for improvement. 

Finding solutions without a clear course of action and lacking in the right tools to obtain profound knowledge of the problem is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Learn the proven blueprint to problem-solving and process improvement, and learn how to confidently facilitate teams to find and implement solutions.

A complex and convoluted process to a lean and simple process. 

How do you get from point A to point B with a convoluted process like this? Which one is the worst? Not knowing where the waste in a process is coming from, or not recognizing the non-value added activities that create waste? 

Learn to identify waste and non-added value activities in a process, and learn the tools to eliminate or reduce them, making way for an efficient and smooth process.

Your career qualifications to stand out from the crowd. 

Do you have the skills to survive in the rapidly changing processes and ways of doing business? 

Achieve Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification to increase your competitive advantage in job retention and job opportunities.

Who Should Attend

As performance improvement and Statistical Process Control deals with determining and improving an organization’s nominal value on product or service acceptability, there is a variety of staff that should be trained in this area.

We suggest Production Floor Staff and Management, as well as all of Quality Control employees and Engineers.

Training Options

We strive to offer our clients easy to comprehend and results-driven online/classroom training, end-product focused management and project mentoring, as well as specialized on-site training tailored to meet our clients’ explicit needs.

Corporate Training
An on-site Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is available to fit your organization’s needs. Our proven instruction method and curriculum have been used by thousands of practitioners to successfully facilitate the improvement of processes and problem-solving projects worldwide.

Each organization is unique and implementing appropriate transformation and/or Change Management programs can be a complex proposition. 

Collaboration with organizations striving to become high-performance businesses must be established first to translate their strategic objectives into actionable projects, and then to deploy teams to drive results. Deeply skilled resources will help address issues ranging from broad strategic business challenges to targeted Kaizen projects.

Online Training
This instructor-led training program is 100% online given by our Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, who teaches students the same skills and knowledge they would learn in an in-classroom setting. Since it’s an online class, it allows students to attend the training from anywhere globally.

The training is conducted in a virtual classroom using advanced online learning tools and technologies. Real-time delivery in a live, online format that allows you to speak with your instructor, ask questions, and team up with your fellow learners.

Some students find it difficult to fit their career and personal development studies around their work or family life. Hence, online Lean Six Sigma programs are a great option. There are also many other benefits, including reduced overall costs and no travel requirement.

Yellow Belt Mentoring and Coaching

VRI offers mentoring and coaching services to help Yellow Belts in-training achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Our Master Black Belt and Black Belt mentors and coaches have a wealth of experience in applying Lean Six Sigma methodology to real-world problems. They can provide you with the guidance and support you need to make the most of your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and achieve your Certification.

Schedule and Time Commitment

The training for Yellow Belt Certification is 4-day long, and it is spread out over a period of two to four weeks. The certification process will be complete once the student passed the exam.

The time commitment for corporate training varies depending on the sponsoring company. However, the 4-day long training is still required to complete the Yellow Belt Training.

Certification Requirements

We offer Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Program upon request of the participants. You can select our program to become a certified Lean Six Sigma practitioner.

We make sure that you gain the right skills, and you can gain knowledge from our program to transform your business process.

Our expert instructors have over a decade of experience educating and training people about the concept of Lean Six Sigma. 

We do not only focus on teaching you the theory; instead, we focus on teaching you the practical application of the knowledge and principles of Lean and Six Sigma.

These Are The Steps To Get Your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification From Us:

Completing The Required Course Training (4-day long)
The first step to get your Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification is completing the required course training so that you can understand all the fundamentals and the concepts related to Lean and Six Sigma. 

This is the step in which we focus on the learning part, and it is the most crucial step for every participant, whether you need a certification or not.

Passing A Comprehensive Exam (100 Questions, Passing Score: 80% or more)
The second step for your certification is passing the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam to test your knowledge and to prove that you have understood the concept of Lean and Six Sigma. 

The examination is held at the end of the course.

Registration and Enrollment

Due to the attention, we provide to each of our students, seats in these Courses are limited.

Click on the button below to apply now for the next cohort.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Might Be Asking . . .

Are there prerequisites to this Course? None. There are no prerequisites to take this Course.

Will I get access to the full online Course all at once? No. Due to the ton of information and tools that you will learn during this Course, we have learned that it is best that the students access the modules as they move along the Course.

How long does the online Yellow Belt Training Course take? The training is 100% online, taught live with an instructor is taken for 4 days.

What is the online Yellow Belt training schedule? A typical schedule for the online classes is 4 hours per day, for 4 days. Please check the actual dates on the published schedule.

Do I need a project to complete the training? A Sigma project is not required to complete the training. However, we strongly recommend that you have a real-world project to work on through the training to get the most value from the training.

How long will it take to achieve Certification? You can attain Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification within 4 weeks.

Do you offer discounts for participants from the same company? Yes! Contact us to discuss your needs and we will provide you a group discount.

What if I need additional mentoring? Virtual coaching and mentoring by our Master Black Belts can be purchased separately. Please contact us to learn more.

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